Ghost Conversations
8:30, Color, SD
Puppetry, Stop Motion Animation

The heartbreak of loss becomes a character itself as a woman pines for the return of her husband lost somewhere in World War II. This ethereal dream conjures the ghost of Maj. Richard Bong, P-38 WW II Flying Ace and traps him an inescapable imagined landscape of emotion. Irving Strobing's last broadcast from Corregidor frames the desperate action of the pilot and is the anachronistic disembodied voice of Major Bong. A fragile and diaphanous marionette inhabits a liminal dreamscape. Her construction reflects her state of being. (See some of its construction at The marionette's movement and environment were culled from Francesca Woodman's photographic self portraiture. Like Woodman's work, the marionette's body and the room it inhabits are inseparable. The body becomes one with it's surroundings creating a visceral, sexualized landscape. The soundtrack features music from Aziola Cry's album Ghost Conversations, from which the title of the film is derived.

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