Another Song About the Sea
28:06, Color, Stereo, HD
Stop Motion Animation
“Another Song From the Sea” explores the stalled domestic relationship of a dysfunctional couple. The characters' descent into the watery abyss becomes a metaphor for examining their relationship darkened by deep emotional turmoil. 27m, HD Video, 16x9, Stereo. At its base, Another Song About the Sea is the tale of a factual, record-setting deep-sea dive from 1930 by William Beebe and Otis Barton. They devised a vehicle that attempted to descend one half mile into the ocean. They became the first human beings to directly observe living bioluminescent deep-sea creatures. The interpretation of the story quickly diverges from fact. The animator/director reimagines the protagonists as a dysfunctional couple trapped in a stalled domestic relationship. The characters descent into the abyss becomes a metaphor for attempting to define the void within themselves. 
Screenings: Chicago Underground Film Festival, Chicago, IL (Winner, Best Animation)
London Underground Film Festival, London, England
Porto Film Fest, Portugal
Gene Siskel Film Center, Chicago, IL
Nightingale Theater, Chicago, IL
West Virginia Mountaineer Festival
Morgantown, WV
Athens Film Festival, Athens, OH
Wisconsin Film Festival, Madison, WI
FerFilm International Film Festival, Ferizaj, Kosovo
Trenton Film Festival, NJ
InTe Cinema, Rome, Italy
Under the Underground: the M.U.F.F. Salon des Refusés, Milwaukee, WI
International Random Film Festival, Gdynia, Poland
Voices From the Waters, Bangalore, India
Tisza Mozi, Hungary
S2F2 Film Fest, Chicago, IL

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